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P.T.I. Co., Ltd. has been established on July 10th 1996 in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan and the heart of commercial esprit that has long been fostering the people’s warm hearts.  Current staffs are highly skilled persons, specialized in each field and backed up with experience, and multilingual support. 

We P.T.I mainly deal with new and used, Japanese, European and American brands, with selective sourcing of Dealerships, Used Car Suppliers, Auto Auctions, and even LHD Vehicles from third party countries. We supply wherever we can source our targeting quality cars within your hands 

Three Main Key Factors


We already value “fairness” for our clients. Always providing correct information and details to our clients.


We are confident and proud of our industry knowledge, skill and experience which enable us to provide high quality products
We are also focus even small details.


We will take care of clients who needs to help any difficulties they may have.
In fact, we supply the parts, and repair service and any documents works.


With this 3 main factors, we have been doing business successful more than 20 years.
We promise we will provide knowledge, skill and experience for our clients.


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